Serious trucking collisions happen virtually every day in Washington. Because these semi-trucks are bigger, heavier, are less effective at both steering and braking, they cause permanent injury and death at a substantially higher rate than collisions with other vehicles. Truck drivers in Washington operate on very tight schedules and are often sleep deprived. It only takes a short time for a misstep to cause a collision that could change someone’s life forever.

Semi-trucks, sometimes known as “eighteen wheelers” or “big rigs”, are not the sole cause of all truck accidents. Many accidents are caused by vans, delivery trucks, dump trucks, logging trucks, garbage trucks, moving trucks, and courier service trucks. They may either be owned by an individual, or a business entity.

In trucking accidents, the victim often incurs more than just medical bills during recovery. Being a victim of a trucking collision can sometimes involve weeks or months of lost wages. In some cases, a victim’s ability to work may be permanently affected or even lost. Our Seattle, Everett, Tacoma and Bremerton trucking accident attorneys are available at 844-486-9797 to offer a free, no obligation case review to see what your legal options are.

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Semi Truck Accident Case?

The answer is most likely yes. These are much more comprehensive claims in terms of the damage to one’s life. Many cases cause soft tissue damage that will never fully be resolved, or otherwise require lifetime treatment or care. The insurance company assigns their most experienced lawyers to these cases, many times before the victim leaves the hospital. Their job is to do whatever it takes to limit the victim’s recovery. Whether it is an exhaustive investigation into the accident scene to apportion fault to the victim, to dispute the liability of the injuries sustained, to simply ignore any contact with the victim, or to pressure a victim into accepting an immediate settlement before they realize the extent of their true losses, they will work against you every step of the way. You deserve to have attorneys who will fight to make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to. The Seattle, Tacoma, Everett and Bremerton semi truck accident lawyers are here to do just that.

What to Do if You Are in a Semi Truck Collision

Pursue medical treatment and get the care you need in order to physically recover as much as possible. Take the time needed to do this, and focus on your recovery. The biggest mistake a trucking accident victim can make is to push themselves back to work too soon, or to stop medical treatment when they start to feel better. This can lead to serious physical relapses or setbacks that can make physical recovery longer and more painful than it would if the victim would have follow the regimented care prescribed by their medical providers.

  • Stay calm. Do not confront the driver of the commercial vehicle.
  • Call 911 and request a collision report be made.
  • Obtain the relevant information from the other vehicle driver’s information:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Vehicle year, make, model and license number
    • Company insurance information. The at-fault driver was likely driving a company vehicle. Be sure to get this information.
  • Obtain as much contact information of every witness, as this information can be absolutely vital to your claim if liability is disputed :
    • Name
    • Phone Number
    • Address
    • Email
  • Take clear photos of the scene of the collision, as well as the damage to both your vehicle and the vehicle that hit you. If you are transported to the hospital via ambulance, ask a loved one to the scene in order to take pictures.
  • Open a claim immediately with all insurance companies involved, even your own. Do not give any recorded statements without first speaking to a lawyer first.
  • Call an experienced Seattle, Everett, Tacoma and Bremerton semi truck and commercial truck collision attorney.
  • Keep track of all of your medical providers; obtain any police reports and company incident reports, and any documentation from insurance companies or law firms. Document all of your time lost at work due to injuries caused by the collision.

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Trucking accident cases are not to be taken lightly. Victims of these collisions will be facing friction at every stage of the process. This only makes recovering from the injuries sustained an even worse experience. They do not have to face this alone. The insurance company starts working against you immediately, so don’t wait to talk to an experienced attorney about your case. The Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, and Bremerton trucking collision lawyers offer a free, no-obligation consultation, and are available at 844-486-9797 .

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