Washington’s Law Firm Is Dedicated To Helping The Injured People Of Washington

Washington’s Law Firm is here to help you. Whether you or loved ones have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, Washington’s Law Firm is standing by to take your case seriously. Insurance companies and their employees have one job – to pay you as little as possible to settle your claim.

Everything insurance adjusters do and say– from offering settlements mere days after the collision to refusing to pay medical bills they agreed to pay over the phone – is designed to line their pockets at the expense of your recovery.  In many cases, injured parties end up paying out of pocket when involved in something as simple as a rear end auto accident. Stopping these underhanded practices and recovering as much as possible are our driving purpose.

Washington’s Law Firm serves all of Washington with offices in King and Pierce Counties. Our firm prides itself on being available and local to our clients. For select cases, such as mass torts or Mesothelioma claims, we represent people across the United States.

Meet the Attorney


Founding Attorney
Steve Dashiak

Steve was born and raised in San Antonio, TX and at the age of 17, moved to Toledo, Ohio in 1999 to attend college. He stayed there upon graduating with his degree in Finance in 2003, and went on to graduate from the University Of Toledo College Of Law in 2007. Though he cherished his Midwestern friends like family, the lure of a bigger city proved irresistible, and he moved out to Seattle to create a life and begin his career.

Admitted to practice law in Washington in 2008, Steve began his career as Bankruptcy attorney, quickly becoming one of Washington’s top filers, month after month. While thrilled at the opportunity for such intense experience in a practice area, Steve longed for a closer connection to his clients. He came to realize the only way to achieve such a relationship would be to develop his own client base.

In 2012, he co-founded Washington Law Center with his longtime friend, attorney Spencer Parr. Their client-centric approach caught traction, and the firm grew at a rapid pace. Soon enough, a passion for improving the lives of injured clients emerged. Now, Steve has dedicated his career to helping injured people across Washington. He continues the tradition with Washington’s Law Firm by protecting the injured from being taken advantage of by the State and Federal Government, insurance companies and large corporations.

Though he prides himself on his extreme availability to his clients, Steve attempts to stay active in his off time. When not working, Steve enjoys a variety of hobbies such as weightlifting, attempting a new physical feat once every 3 months, staying in touch with nature by skiing terribly, hiking slowly, and reading every day. Steve is also entirely too occupied with cooking, and is constantly mulling over getting a dog, as well as a motorcycle.

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