These types of cases involve claims of numerous claimants grouped together. Mass torts are individual claims against a common defendant that are not able to proceed as a class action for one or more of a variety of reasons. However, these individual claims are grouped together by the court in the interest of saving time and money. Essentially, mass tort cases occur if the facts between the claimants are too different and outweigh the common issues of fact and questions of law required to proceed in a class action.

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What Can Be Recovered In A Mass Tort Claim

Our attorneys will begin working on your case immediately to determine what, if any, recovery our client is entitled to. Recovery can include benefits such as:

Past and future medical expenses related to the injury caused including surgeries, hospital stays, treatment of infections and other complications, chronic pain and suffering;

Lost wages due to missed time at work, if applicable;

Loss of past or future earning potential, if applicable; and

Other forms of economic and noneconomic loss, if applicable.

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Our mass tort attorneys are dedicated to maximizing your recovery in such disheartening claims. These cases are quite complicated and can often take years to resolve. The litigation climate tends to be less favorable for mass torts over time as well. The countdown to receiving compensation only starts when you contact an attorney and they begin working on your case. Call Washington’s Law Firm for a free case review. We will conduct a thorough analysis to determine what compensation may be owed to you. There are some avenues of compensation available that the national firms are unaware of, as they may be unique to Washington. The case review is free, confidential and no obligation – if we do not win your case, you do not owe anything.